Book marks

Herbert inscription

Liber Collegij Jesu Ex dono Amplissimi Honoratissimiq[ue] Viri Edovardi Herbert Baronis de Cherbury: Fellows’ Library L.1.23 Gall. (© Jesus College, Oxford)

Last month, we shared the fruits of this year’s graduate trainee project on provenance evidence in the Fellows’ Library, compiling information on five important seventeenth-century book owners and the characteristic marks they made in their books. This is useful not only as evidence of how they read and reacted to the texts, but in principle for identifying books now in other collections which may have formed part of their personal libraries.

Now the photographs taken for this investigation have been made available on Flickr. The images can be browsed in albums, either by owner or by the type of provenance evidence, for example, bookplates, mottos, or marginalia.

Jenkins inscription and book label

“scarcely worth reading, you lie by Gad” with the torn book label of Sir Leoline Jenkins: Fellows’ Library Q.8.29 (© Jesus College, Oxford)

Please let us know if you would like to use any of these photographs: permission for academic use is usually granted without charge.

Owen McKnight (Librarian)

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